Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cards Making Mark on NFL Training Camp

Louisville's current football team may have been picked 7th in the Big East yesterday in the preseason poll, but they are making a mark on the NFL, with over 30 players involved in training camps for various NFL teams.

The Real Ocho Cinco, Harry Douglas, made his presence felt early in his rookie camp smacking veteran bad-ass Lawyer Milloy in the mouth after a tie-up in practice. It seems to have helped won over some players and fans. HDTV is always one of the smallest players on the team, but his onions can never be questioned. Might have to pick up a 85 ATL jersey.

Elvis DOOOOmervil sat down with the Rocky Mountian News and talked about getting "early-down sacks" and changing his diet to gain more muscle

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel breaks down the Green Bay QB's and our hometown boy Brian Brohm. All I want to know is: What has Aaron Rogers done in 3 quarters of play to warrant Brett Favre to come in as his backup? William Gay is trying to build on his 2007 season with the Steelers and avoid the dreaded sophomore slump.

Kolby Smith could get carries for the Chiefs even with a healthy Larry Johnson (read Play of the Day)

More on Cards in the NFL as Training camp continues....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Louisville Gets First 2010 commitment - Josh Langford

Coach Pitino landed his first commitment of the 2010 class, SF Josh Langford from Huntsville, AL (Johnson HS). The 6-6 200 pounder chose the Cards over Memphis, Clemson and Miami just to name a few. From what has been written about him, he is athletic and can play side-by-side with players 2-3 years older than him. He has not taken a visit because he has family here and makes frequent visits.
However, I am always skeptical when a kid just about to start his junior year in high school makes such a major decision so early. We have already seen Lamont "Mo Mo" Jones decommit after pledging his loyalty to the Cards at the same age (although "deterioration of skills" might have also been a factor for Jones). As of today, Langford will be a Card.

"[Coach Pitino] was really excited," Langford said "I've liked Louisville since I was little..I believe Coach Pitino can make me a better player and I wanted to go ahead and make my decision."

The fact that he has family in town will help the "settling in" process for Langford if he does decide to eventually sign. He told Demling it was "a dream" to play for the Cards so we might have caught one that's in for the long haul. Guys like Larry O'Bannon and DeJuan Wheat also grew up dreaming to wear the red jerseys, and we all know how they turned out. Preston Knowles is our current example of that. Guys that want to wear the red and black usually succeed.
Langford has a couple years to rise up the boards, he currently is rated the 48th best prospect by Scout and 86th by Rivals. Rivals ranks him as a PF, which might decrease his value because of his height.

Jody Demling on Josh Langford

The L YES! REPORT'S New Blog

The L Yes! Report has decided to enter the blogosphere with our new blog. This will make it easier to update without all the HTML coding trouble. I am in the process of moving all the old articles over here and use the regular site for in-depth pieces and stuff that can't fit here. I will link all the articles on the main site here and also add more content daily that might not suffice for a 500 word column. Subscribe to the site in the top left to your google homepage or RSS reader, tell your friends, family and fellow members of the Cardinal Nation, and stop by once a day. Trevor and I will be trying our hardest to bring you the most up to date news on anything Cardinal, whether it involves Hunter Cantwell or James "Boo" Brewer.

Also, if any loyal fans that would like to help cover the Cards with us and get some of your writing out on the information super-highway, email me at, and we talk about what you can do to help.

I'll be holding down the Internet and Trevor the airwaves (93.9fm - 6-9 Mon & Wed) so be ready for an onslaught of Louisville sports news and links. To quote the great Dan Patrick, "You can't stop the L Yes! Report, you can only hope to contain it".

SportsNight Radio Show

The L Yes! Report is now invading the airwaves with our own Trevor Kelsey joining ESPN Radio's 93.9 FM The Ticket as a co-host of SportsNight with Courier-Journal sportswriter Jody Demling and UK blogger Matt Jones. The show will begin Monday, August 4th from 6-9 and will play on Monday and Wednesday until the Reds end play for the season. Here is the official release via the C-J.

It's going to be a great show combining one of the best recruiting experts (Demling), and two people with passion for their respective teams. We need some Louisville fan callers to help cancel out the cult-like following The Matt Jones Radio Show has and will continue having. Listen in, call in and be heard on what is going to be the new Premier Evening Show in Louisville sports radio on the station with the best lineup, top to bottom, this area has ever seen.