Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cards Making Mark on NFL Training Camp

Louisville's current football team may have been picked 7th in the Big East yesterday in the preseason poll, but they are making a mark on the NFL, with over 30 players involved in training camps for various NFL teams.

The Real Ocho Cinco, Harry Douglas, made his presence felt early in his rookie camp smacking veteran bad-ass Lawyer Milloy in the mouth after a tie-up in practice. It seems to have helped won over some players and fans. HDTV is always one of the smallest players on the team, but his onions can never be questioned. Might have to pick up a 85 ATL jersey.

Elvis DOOOOmervil sat down with the Rocky Mountian News and talked about getting "early-down sacks" and changing his diet to gain more muscle

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel breaks down the Green Bay QB's and our hometown boy Brian Brohm. All I want to know is: What has Aaron Rogers done in 3 quarters of play to warrant Brett Favre to come in as his backup? William Gay is trying to build on his 2007 season with the Steelers and avoid the dreaded sophomore slump.

Kolby Smith could get carries for the Chiefs even with a healthy Larry Johnson (read Play of the Day)

More on Cards in the NFL as Training camp continues....

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