Monday, January 25, 2010

Listen to The Buzz Tonight at 8:30

Through our partners in crime - Louisville Sports Buzz - Trevor "Bacon" Kelsey and myself will host a 2 hour podcast tonight as we do every Monday-Thursday 8:30-10:30 PM EST. It is known as The Evening Buzz - a no-holds-barred attack at local sports with numerous local insiders to provide insight and intellectual stimulus on the happenings in the sports world. You can call in, ask questions, or give opinions at (646) 381-4206. Too shy to call? E-mail us at

On tonight's show we will break down the weekend's big games - Cats/Hogs, Ville/Cincy & the rest of college basketball. Also, we will talk about the excellent NFL Championship weekend & the upcoming Super Bowl match-up between New Orleans & Indianapolis. We will have Raashaan Myers from to talk Charlie Strong's recent commitments and Marquis Teague's interesting weekend visit to Coach Pitino. Any Cat fans out there, don't fret, we will talk about the newly crowned #1 team as unbiased as is possible for 2 born-and-raised Card fans.

You can listen to the show streaming through the link on the left side of this page,, or by clicking this link to get the streaming page on You are also able to subscribe to the podcast if you can't listen live through the links on the left on this site or the BTR site.
You don't want to break these poor girl's hearts... Do you?

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