Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Blue Ship Sinking?

Someone sent me this picture today and it is awesome. Sorry if I'm not crediting the right person out there, but whoever and wherever you are... good work.
The picture is in response to an article in the LEO yesterday by veteran sportswriter CD Kaplan. Kaplan is known as Seedy K in the publication and has a reputation to push the envelope in his writings. This time I don't think he's pushing it too far because the news has been around for months. Of course, the piece involves our favorite cheaters down I-64 and their two prized recruits - John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins...

There are now two sources, one a member of the national media, who indicate there is a race to reveal some NCAA transgressions by UK frosh stars, John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins.

I am told, though I have no personal knowledge nor evidence myself whatsoever, that the investigations concern cash money and, perhaps, real estate.

There are two nationally known media sources who are, according to sources, scurrying to obtain the last bit of evidence that will allow them to publish the story. One, I’m advised, is the New York Times. The other, one of the major online sports sites.

As per usual, neither of my sources mentioned UK coach John Calipari by name. Only the players were named. This is all I have at this time. Frankly, it’s not much. But, the facts are these. 1) John Calipari has a track record that would not rule out such a situation. 2) These two players, by their actions, indicated they would have played for Calipari at North Dakota A & M, if that’s where he was coaching. 3) None of the Tobacco Road schools surprisingly gave a serious look at Wall, though he was a local

Now this isn't new news to anyone that is as obsessive about the situation as most UK and UL fans are in this state. There has always been the strong rumor that either Pat Forde of ESPN, Jeff Goodman of FoxSports.com, Pete Thamel of the New York Times or someone else had some serious dirt on Calipari and was just waiting to double, triple, even quadruple his sources before his paper/website decided to take on one of the more powerful fanbases, coaches, and programs in the country. It's been months since this news first came about and I have been waiting for it to finally hit print. That day hasn't come... yet.
However, you'd have to be blind to think the major news outlets aren't trying to get to the bottom of how all these big-time recruits are being filtered to Calipari. UK fans will dismiss this as a jealous witch-hunt done by guys who are either lacking credibility or would just like to see UK suffer. Yet, those are the same fans that asked the same questions about Cal when he was at Memphis. You just don't go from a program losing it's luster, coming of an NIT season with a recruiting class headed by Jon Hood and Daniel Orton to a powerhouse with 4 first-rounders in the starting line-up without doing something drastic. Right?
Like Kaplan said, there has to be a reason that a North Carolina boy like Wall wasn't coveted more by the big, in-state Tobacco Road schools. Remember, Wall wanted North Carolina to come calling, but a strained relationship with his handler Brian Clifton turned Roy Williams off. Why did Coach K not put up more of a fight for such a transcendent player right in his Durham backyard? Could it be because they knew something was fishy and weren't in as desperate a position as Kentucky to risk NCAA heat for his services?
Why was DeMarcus Cousins so in love with Mike Davis at UAB, knew he was only going to play for a year, but still asked that his letter of intent be amended in case Davis left? Davis had just signed a contract-extension through the 2012-13 season and had his 2rd straight 20 win season. Why would Cousins think Davis was leaving unless someone else sweetened the deal for him a little? These are the questions an article of this magnitude should answer and why it is taking the piece so long to be printed.
Something is up in Lexington and everyone knows it. There is a reason that Cal has been to two Final 4s that aren't in the record books anymore. He recruits players who are great, but not necessarily legal. Whether to the extent of what Kaplan said remains to be seen.
All I have to say is UK fans better hold on to those UK2K shirts because they could become a collectors item in the near future. For all the wrong reasons.

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  1. This year is such a great sample of the entire histories of UK and UL. UK is great. UL is mediocre. Believe this, or whatever you want, about big brother down the road. As long as it helps you feel better about being owned by your biggest rival.