Friday, April 3, 2009

Louisville's Home Schedule

Tom Heiser at the Courier-Journal describes the U of L football team's home schedule as "deplorable." I used the investigative journalism tactics I've acquired while writing for the L Yes! Report and discovered that means it sucks.

You be the judge. Here's who's visiting the Pizza Palace this season:

Sep 5 - Indiana State

Oct 2 - Pittsburgh (Friday night at 8:00 pm)

Oct 10 - Southern Miss

Oct 31 - Arkansas State

Nov 14 - Syracuse

Nov 28 - Rutgers

Heiser might be on to something. But there are two sides to the coin, as he acknowledges. BCS bowls are fun, but the (dare I say "ultimate") goal for this year's Cards is six wins and bowl eligibilty. With away games at UConn, Utah, South Florida, Morgantown, and Lexington, it's safe to say there's a chance we may drop one or two on the road. And, in the event you forgot about the state of affairs on the gridiron during hoops season, it's becoming increasingly clear that Coach Steve Kragthorpe's support in this town isn't unconditional.

This is a young team. Whoever's under center on opening day will likely be taking his first snap in a Louisville uniform. (I say "likely" because one candidate, Tyler Wolfe, was 2 for 4 on passing last season for 14 yards.) It'll be a different offense than we saw last season. Our defensive personnel is littered with more question marks than X's and O's. That side of the ball will also be integrating a different system under new DC Brent Guy. Yes, I'd be more inclined to get pumped up if it were Kansas State, Miami, FSU, or even UNC invading Papa John's, as opposed to the Indiana State Sycamores. But, unfortunately, we've been shoved back into the trenches of mediocrity since that 2007 Orange Bowl Championship. Are we trapped? Not completely. But ISU and Arkansas State will give this green and unpredictable 2009 team a better chance to climb out than the Hurricanes or Seminoles.

I say (with a sigh): Bring on the Sycamores.

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