Saturday, April 18, 2009

What is going on up here?

I have no life but watching sports, movies and tv sitcoms so why not share the thoughts and ideas that are floating around in this head of mine....

At first hearing about Richard Pitino leaving Louisville to be an assistant at Florida puzzled me. Jeff Goodman broke the story. Then it was brought to my attention of him "stepping out of his fathers shadow" and that made since to me. Makes more sense then the absurd rumors that I am sure are UK fans are starting about some kind of sex scandal or point shaving. I am sorry Kentucky fans that your program once were dirty enough to do that it doesn't mean we are or did. I understand that Richard wants to be a head coach and no matter what he does at Louisville, people are going to try to claim its because of his dad. He was up for the Boston University job and didn't get it. Was that really the reason? I mean first off you are Boston University. This is basketball not hockey, you have really little room to be that picky. On the other hand it wouldn't shock me if that had something to do with it. Not everybody is as intelligent as me. So Richard will move to Florida, wanting to make a name for himself. Where better to go then dad's friend, who could use a recruiter and assistant and who has produced several head coaches himself. If this is really the reason for the move then I will be shocked if Richard is at Florida more then two years.

Maybe most people don't like the NBA but I love it. The Bulls and Celtics was a good game and while the Celtics will win the series I am going to enjoy watching Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo match up over the next 5 games or less. Yea the Bulls won and Rose had a great game but so did Rondo. I know its bad to talk about a UK player on here maybe but the fact is he is a great on ball and team defender and while he still does struggle with his jump shot he he doesn't force his shot. Rondo out up 21 points in game one and had 6 assists with zero turnovers. Rose had 8 assists but 4 turnovers. The Celtics are a better team, with or without KG, and that will show in the long run but doesn't mean we can't enjoys watching these two young guards go one on one every now in then.

I am a huge fan of what the Hawks have done and of Joe Johnson. He is still underrated despite getting an All-Star bid this year. Their (Hawks) series with the Heat should be a slug fest with every game being great to watch. Horford against O'Neal (Jermaine of course) and Johnson against Wade will be worth your time. The Hawks are a deeper team though and will win this in a tough 6 or maybe 7 game series. That being said I want it to be known now that I think the Hawks are good enough to knock off the Cavs. I'll get into that another day though.

Baseball is here and I couldn't be more bored at times. I have the privilege of listening to the Reds broadcasts for work, I also "Tweet" updates of the game on my twitter account

Anyway...the Reds need offense. Joey Votto is good and I will give you Brandon Phillips but they (Reds) just don't out enough runs up to be a real contender. Harang despite a 1-1 record has looked solid as has Johnny Cueto and Bronson Arroyo but you can't win if you can't score. Starting shortstop Alex Gonzalez has one hit this season. To quote Harry Doyle "That's all we got, one goddamn hit? "

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