Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cards Get Taken Behind The Woodshed

Louisville got treated like a cheep hooker by Kentucky's defense, forcing five turnovers that would lead to 21 of their 27 points and only let the Cards even get into the Red zone once. If it wasn't for a safety the Cards would have suffered their first shutout since 2000, when they lost 31-0 at Florida State. Fifth year Senior Hunter Cantwell, who has been waiting 3 years to get his chance, basically took that chance and crapped all over it. He showed no poise in the pocket, throwing passes that would have hit Garry Coleman in the shins and having several throws tipped that helped lead to three interceptions, as well as a fumble that the Cards let UK's version of Leon Lett (Pryor) recover and run 77 yards back for a touchdown that was the nail in an already buried coffin. Of course the few times, and I do mean few times, he threw a nice pass, Louisville's receivers would just drop the ball. Kentucky's front four had their way with the Cards offensive line that resulted in just 202 total yards for Louisville and I think they need to go back and recheck those numbers cause that might be generous. Ok, I have vented enough about how pathetic the Cards offense looked. Now the defense...made a bad UK offense look awful. The Louisville front seven showed great heart, holding the Cats to just 3 points (Kentucky TD came off of fumble) through 3 and a half quarters. Stuffing a Cats run game and holding them to just 63 yards on 33 carries (1.8 yards per carry) and 210 total yards. It wasn't enough, he even though everyone on the defense played well (Latarrius Thomas did miss a few to many tackles though). But there were many more negatives then positive in this game and they better get fixed fast or this will be a long season, leaving Cards fans really counting down the days 'til basketball season to get here. Quick position by position break down grades

QB - D
That is a generous grade considering the fact I watched the whole game

RB - C
Would have been a D but I took into count how bad the o-line played

WR - C
This would be an F- if it wasn't for Douglas Beaumont

TE - D
Dropped passes and no help in blocking

O-line - C
Wood showed up and Bussey played every now and then but Adams and Watterer got treated worse then Tina Turner with a smart mouth

D-line - A
Did a great job filling gaps and containing a good UK RB trio

LB - B
Would have been an A but despite their great play still showed inexperience at times. They would get no pressure on almost every blitz and struggled in coverage but for a unit that was all new starters they played great.

CB - C
Did a good job of not allowing big plays and making open field tackles. Coach English had them keeping UK's receivers in front of them but did allow a few to many guys to get open, lucky for them Hartline does blow chunks

Safety - B
No big plays and Raglin (who couldn't tackle a fat kid last season) made great open field tackles, but to many missed tackles by Thomas keep this from being an A grade.

Special Teams - D
Only FG attempt blocked when Kentucky was just given a red carpet up the middle, while the punting game was bad enough to make me jump off a tall building. The return game was nothing special as Powell spent more time stutter stepping then running every time he returned a kick.

Coach Kragthorpe admitted to all his teams mistakes in the press conference, taking all the blame as he always does, but you know what we have all seen this song and dance before. That's great that you know what you did wrong, so you know what Coach? How about instead of feeding us a crap load of cliches about what you did wrong, why don't you try fixing them. Cause if the Cards play the way they did today all season, I will be shocked if Louisville can win more then 4 games.

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