Friday, August 15, 2008

In Case You Missed It....

A few links to articles pertaining to the Fighting Cardinals that you probably have already seen. If you haven't had that luxury take a peak at these gems from the information superhighway.... and the sports info department were kind enough to toss out some practice notes for those of us unable to attend the closed affairs. The team was scheduled to have a 70+ play scrimmage tonight. Here are the links....

- St. Xavier's own Victor Anderson had the highlight in the first two-a-days, a 70 yard scamper. The only bad thing about it is it came against our own D. Hopefully Vic can do the same thing to Rutgers and WVU.
- Looks like two newcomers will be starting at linebacker for the Ron English led defense this year after seeing the review of practice 8. What does that mean for James Bryant and Brandon Heath? I've always been a believer that Heath should have a spot somewhere on the field. Injuries have really hampered him, but if given a shot to learn a position, we could be able to use his freakish athletic ability and hard-hitting to our advantage. Remember, this team had trouble tackling and from what I've seen that is not a problem for Heath. Guys like Lattarious Thomas and the new beast, Dexter Heyman have not helped Brandon's cause.
- The sound I had on L Yes! earlier this week was from my recorder. Here is the Kragthorpe press conference as well as comments from various players. It also gives a wrap up of Media Day.

Working on the offensive and defensive line previews (best around) and they should be out within a couple days.

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