Saturday, August 9, 2008

Media Day 2008

I survived my first media day. It wasn't as hectic as I thought it would be, with everyone getting as much time as they needed with a select ammount of players. Then come the buffet and press conference with both coordinators (English, Brohm) and Coach Kragthorpe. I'll admit I was a little nervous covering the same guys that I , like any Card fan, hold in such a high regard. Here are a few pictures and I'll have quotes here a little later .

Lattarious Thomas and Victor Anderson kick back as Media Day was getting ready to kick off. Both will be great additions after not playing last season.

Douglas Beaumont had a good crowd around him the majority of the time. He is going to blow-up this year. I've been wrong a few times in my day, but this time I'm positive. I predict at least 8 TDs as well as leading the team in tackles on special team. He told me he wants to return kicks too. Awesome, well-spoken guy who will do whatever it takes to help the team

Hunter Cantwell reminds me a a QB from the movies. Like the dude on Varsity Blues, just laid back and confident, talking with a slow drawl, ready to finally get his shot starting the season as the leader of the team. Kragthorpe said he was impressed by how much the team has embraced him as the field general.
Ron English is one cat I would not mess with. The consensus amongst the players is that he is all about business. Just look at that stare. He will bring that intimidation factor back that left with Petrino. Lattarious Thomas said even when he thinks he's ran something to perfection, English will be up in his face about something he needs to do better.

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