Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Football Practice -- Day 1 in Pictures

Cantwell takes the first snap in the scrimmage portion of practice. At least we know the center to quarterback exchange will be solid this year.
Victor Anderson showed off some flashy moves yesterday. He will be a fine replacement for George Stripling and Anthony Allen. Coach Brohm will find a place for him to play, he's too good.
Miami transfer LB James Bryant was a vocal leader on the defense and posed for a picture. He's got an NFL body and time will tell whether his skills match. He worked with the first team today.

Scott Long will be the go-to guy this year for Cantwell. He dropped a few balls (as did every other WR) however he does run crisp routes and has the size to give smaller DBs fits.
Coach Ron English is by-far the best edition the team picked up this offseason. He gets up in the players faces and cusses when they screw up, and he's the first one there when they make a good play. When I walked into practice, I cold hear his voice over everyone else's. Thank God!
Mr. Cantwell takes a break from throwing drills. His arm looked as strong as ever and you could tell the players are just as confident in him as they were in Brohm last year. Hunter missed only one or two throws all day, it was just a matter of the receivers catching it.
Pete Nochta will surely start at TE for the Cards if he can get his blocking down. Pete is in the Barnidge/Kuhn mold and is only being doubted because of his lack of experience. I am not worried about out TE situation after today. We have like 10.
Cantwell takes instruction from new coordinator Jeff Brohm who had the QBs play a game called "Hit the other QB in the throat" with the ball. Cantwell won, of course, but Tyler Wolfe was neck and neck with him the whole time (no pun intended).
Coach English looked to Bobby Buchanan for leadership in the defensive backfield. Buchanan is making the switch to safety after playing CB his first couple years. We need Bobby to step it up and lead like English expects.
"The Giraffe" Josh Chichester looked a lot less awkward than last year. He showed off speed and ran better routes. I think basketball helped him develop better coordiation. Chi-chi made a couple of great grabs and could become a force on fade patterns and/or jump balls around the goal line.
New defensive line coach Ken Delgado worked with his guys on technique for the majority of practice. He has a track record of improving every line he has ever coached. For a team that gave up 200+ yards rushing in 5 games last year, Delgado is a blessing.
The Man, the Myth, the Legend- Eric Wood is like another assistant coach on the field, always helpng younger linemen and making sure the intensity is at a high level throughout the drills. He is a great mixture of intelligence and skill and is the obvious leader of the whole team, not just the offensive line.

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