Sunday, August 3, 2008

Redman To Show This Isn't Just A Young Man's Game

The Falcons may have wasted ( yes wasted, Matt Ryan is overrated ) the third pick in this season's draft and gave away 72 million dollars like they were a drunk at a strip bar but there still is one man in the city of Atlanta who might have something to say about the future of the Falcons...Chris Redman. Redman was a great feel good story last season, going from selling insurance to being on the Falcons roster. When every player ahead of him on the depth chart stunk it up like a truck stop bathroom, Chris took full advantage of the chance. He ( Redman ) got his first start in four years on Monday night football against the Saints and carved their secondary ( it was a pathetic defense granted ) up for 298 yards. Against Arizona he recorded a career high 315 yards and notched four touchdown passes on Seattle ( career high ) in the final week of the season, earning him NFC Offensive Player of the Week. It wasn't all roses, throwing for only 34 yards against Tampa Bay ( best defense he faced ) but still finished the season with 1,079 yards, 10 touchdowns ( five interceptions ), a 59.7 completion percentage and a QB rating of 90.7.
Heres what some local papers in Georgia have had to say about Redman...

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