Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 3 in Pictures

Day 3 was the first day in shells (shoulder pads/helmets) so we saw a little contact for the first time all year. I missed Day 2 because I was working on SportsNight where we had RB Brock Bolen as a guest when he got done running is last gasser. If it wasn't for Louisville's version of Cooper Manning, I would have more pictures but for some reason Frank Stallone told me to stop. I told Tito Jackson OK and continued watchching practice as a spectator. Expect a full gallery for Day 4 tomorrow. On to the pics .....Johnny Patrick resting in between one-on-one route drills. Both Coach English and Kragthorpe gave him love after a few outstanding stops on routes with double-moves or slants. On the left in the gray is Trent Guy who was like a coach out there today. Great to see him out and about doing well.
D-Line coach Ken Delgado and senior DT Earl Heyman talk a little shop during the tail end of a water break. Hopefully Delgado can give Earl that much-needed boost he needs to fulfill his potential as a run-stopping and pass-rushing DT.
Coach Myers has a few holes to fill on his line with Eric Wood and George Bussey the only people guaranteed to start in my position. The big uglies were working on their initial burst from the line for a good portion of practice.
Your obligitory Eric Wood photo. These days guys like Wood get lost in the shuffle because he's a no-nonsense, humble player. He deserves just as many kudos as Cantwell . Give credit where it's due.
Johnnie Burns left the field earlier today, don't know if he was hurt or going to the bathroom. He never came back out. Burns looks a little out of shape for a TE and it seems like the position we need the most help at is LB, the place he was moved to TE from.
Coach Ron English : We're Not Worthy!! We're NOT Worthy!! I've been waiting a year to see a U of L coach get up in a player's face and give him the business. English made up for the year all in 2 days. He demands excellence from his players and holds them accountable for their mistakes which gets respect in-turn. Great addition to the staff.
George Bussey parked like a bus during a water break. If you haven't noticed yet, all the lineman are wearing knee and ankle braces regardless of past history. Bussey has the potential to be All- Big East.

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