Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Freak And Coach John L Smith Chat It Up

John L. Smith Interview - The L Yes! Report

A great turnout came to Jocks to listen to John "The Freak" Renshaw talk with former Cards coach John L Smith. The two Johns went back and forth and covered all sorts of topics from the coach's days coaching former Cardinal greats like Chris Redman, Dave Ragone and Deion Branch, who Smith referred to as Deion the Moochies and the Belmonts. John laughed about how he still roots all his former teams, minus Michigan State. And also about how he regrets the way he chose to leave Louisville in 2002 for East Lansing. A great interview, recapping the rivalry between Kentucky, including the Lightning Bowl ( 2000 ) and sadly the 1998 game. The state of the Louisville program and coach John L Smith's future in coaching and coaching is something that he wants to get back into. Makes you wonder if Louisville fans are going to start chanting for him to comeback to the sidelines of Papa Johns Stadium.

A great clip of the fire coach Smith has...

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