Thursday, October 9, 2008

Padgett & Cisco

Francisco Garcia and David Padgett are starting their NBA preseason games this week. Cisco just signed a new deal that will make him a staple of the Kings for years to come. If coach and former Pitino assistant Reggie Theus can learn how to use Kevin Martin and Cisco at the same time, the Kings could contend for that 8th spot in the West. Let's face it, they aren't going to do much better in such a loaded conference. Go to the Kings home page and you'll see our boy Cisco looking like the face of the franchise already. The Kings' only option at PG is the man, the myth, the legend Beno Udrih so I won't be at all surprised if Garcia takes on a healthy amount of the point guard duties this season.

David Padgett has a great shot at making the Miami Heat squad. One of the worst teams in the league last year, the Heat have Dwayne Wade returning from a season full of injuries. Michael Beasley joins as the scoring option on the inside to help free up the former Marquette star. However, the Heat only have 38 year-old Alonzo Mourning, Jamaal "Proof that a 7 footer with ANY kind of talent can spend 8-10 years in the league" Magloire, and 2nd year player Joel Anthony from UNLV (never heard of him) along with Padgett as the only options at center so far this preseason. This gives Padgett a far better chance to make the team, maybe even by default. He earned his shot, now he might get lucky and land a job after all the injuries. Look, even when they get to the pros the Cards still own the Bearcats. Jason Maxiell got posterized, literally.

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P.S. Thanks to those who told me Ron Artest no longer plays for the Kings. I deleted it, but my point remains the same...GET GARCIA IN THE GAME!!!

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