Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who Is It?

After Middle Tennessee’s 21-31 loss to FIU last Saturday the Blue Raiders are going to mix it up at quarterback. Senior quarterback Joe Craddock is on a record setting pace that will make him the premier passer of Middle Tennessee State football. So far this season Craddock has completed 65.4 percent of his passes, and he has thrown for 1,369 yards. The Middle Tennessee passing record is held by Clint Marks who threw for 2,749 yards in 2004. If Craddock continues on his current pace he would wind up just short of that record.

Then came the FIU game, and Craddock looked like a completely different player. In his first three games he threw only 3 interceptions, and he threw two in the FIU game. He ended up 7 for 12 and he only threw for 25 yards. That’s when Coach Rick Stockstill decided it was time to act, and he inserted Soph. Dwight Dasher into the lineup. Dasher completed 7 of 15 passes for 47 yards, and he added 78 yards rushing on 13 carries. He led the Blue Raiders on three scoring drives out of the six he was in the game. Dasher can pull the ball down and run like Craddock can’t, and when Craddock is in he can stretch the field like Dasher can’t.

So it only makes sense to start mixing Dasher into the game and make defenses take note. Louisville has had a hard time keeping track of scrambling quarterbacks in the past. The Cardinals will have an idea what each quarterback is going try to do when they come in the game. Stockstill is looking for any kind of edge to get a win against a power conference team. Middle Tennessee is 4-27 against power conference teams since making the jump to the BCS division.

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