Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Williams Out For At Least 4 Weeks

It wouldn't be a Louisville basketball season under the Don without a preseason injury to a key player. Last year it was Palacios before that Taquan Dean. This year it is our team leader, Terrence Williams.

T-Will heard what he thought was a pop during a pick-up game today at the Yum! Center and according to Pitino, the worst was feared. He was taken to Jewish Hospital and a torn meniscus was revealed. Williams will be out 4-6 weeks. Louisville regular season opener is against Morehead St. in the Billy Minardi Classic on November 22. Willimas could miss the So. Alabama and Western games, both which the Cards could lose on an off-night. With the way premier trainer Fred Hina and Dr.Scott (Will's dad) took care of Padgett last year, it seems that T-Will is in good hands.

"I'm ecstatic that it's not an ACL tear as was first feared. He'll be out only a short period of time and we know he'll come back as good as new. We're totally relieved." Coach Pitino said in a statement from the university. He told Jeff Goodman of FoxSports.com, "We were positive it was going to be an ACL. He landed on it the wrong way. The good news is he’ll be back in four weeks.”

So I guess as fans we should be relieved it wasn't worse. I don't want to downplay any of the games early in the season, however we don't play anyone that scares me personally until Mississippi on December 18th in Cincinnati (and they don't really scare me at all). What we should be scared about is T-Will losing his spring that makes him who he is. Terrence is an athlete who depends on his leaping ability more than your average player. I would rather he take more time and come back 100% than come back too early and risk injury. The team would lose is symmetry early on that is going to be necessary going into Big East play. We have enough talent to get through the first 4-6 weeks.

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