Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That's for L Yes! Report, right?

I usually stick to news pertaining to the teams, but I couldn't pass this up...

Leonardo DiCaprio and Eric "E" Murphy from Entourage enjoyed last night's Lakers season opener against Portland. If I'm not mistaken, Leo is reppin' the Cards. I seriously doubt that he is actually a Louisville fan (probably something to do with his name) but it is cool none the less. Lets' hope this is added to he regular rotation of gear. What's next, the cover of US Weekly? Maybe a 5-page spread in People? Hell, he might even be a loyal reader of The L Yes! Report. DiCaprio was in my favorite (The Departed) and least favorite (Titanic) movies of all-time so I never really knew what to think of him. After this, he is cool in my book. By the way, how cool would it be to hit the bars with these two? Even Trevor Kelsey could get lucky hanging with that group (sorry Trev).

Mad props to Leo for putting the Cards on the TV last night, even if it was for reasons other than being a fan.

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