Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scott Long Injures Knee

The rumors were floating around early tonight around the message boards and after a little research it can be confirmed that Scott Long injured his knee at practice today, but to what extent I don't know (for sure). Until we hear official word from the team in the next couple days, all the Cardinal Nation can hope for is something similar to what happened to T-Will. By that I mean something that looked like it was going to be devastating turning out to be manageable. All preliminary indications are that it's not good.

As we all know, Long just had the game of his career at Louisville and his loss would be extremely harmful, but not devastating to a team that seems to have made the turn. Long is the only receiver with the combination of speed, strength AND size. At the press conference on Saturday he was glowing with pride and accomplishment. Let's hope this MRI turns up negative.

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