Saturday, November 8, 2008

Basketball Recruiting Update

The basketball team received a commitment Monday from Lawrence North IN junior Justin Martin late in the afternoon on Monday. The 6'6 200 pound Martin has yet to play a game of varsity ball at North due to how loaded their roster is, not lack of talent. The recruiting experts say he is great with the ball, can create his own shot pretty well and has great slashing moves to the basket as well as being a formidable outside shooter. He is ranked somewhere in the 30s by every big service. However this number could fluctuate over the next couple of seasons based upon how his skinny, wiry frame fills out and how he improves on the defensive end. Martin's rank is solely based on potential and his performance in AAU ball. He comes from the same high school that has produced studs like Greg Oden, Mike Conley and Eric Montross and currently is home to UL 09 commit Steve Van Treese and UK bound Dominique Feguson. Martin will join PF Jeremy Tyler and G/F Josh Langford in an already impressive looking class of 2010.

Josh Smith (left, 6'9 280) from Kentwood HS in Seattle is said to be the #1 target for Pitino and his staff to complete out the 2010 class. Courier-Journal writer Jody Demling wrote in his blog that Walter McCarty was scheduled to visit Smith this past Wednesday in Seattle as the majority, if not all of the '10 attention will be focused on the big man. If the staff lands Smith, the Cards will have a sure-fire Top 5 class on the low end. Smith and fellow recruit Jeremy Tyler are said to be 1-2 in their class. Langford and Martin are Top 30-40 overall players. Pair those guys with PG Peyton Siva of the '09 class and the Cards would maintain national prominence for at least the next 5 years subject to jumping to the pros and under-performance. Nothing will ever compare to Michigan's Fab 5 again (first off, Jurich doesn't have 350 grand to give players) but this potential class would be close.

The only problem I see is lack of depth at the point guard position in that class. Andre McGee graduates this year and Sosa next. That leaves us with '09 PG recruit Peyton Siva (right), a senior Preston Knowles (we saw what happened when they tried Taquan Dean at point) and possibly Kyle Kuric as options at the point. If poor play at the point leads to misfortune this year, I expect Pitino to figure out a way to get another player in there. Whether it be taking a scholly from somebody or taking in a transfer, someone needs to be paired with Siva going into the 2010-11 season at the point.

The point guard thing may be nit-picking, but we all know guard play is essential in achieving our ultimate goal, the national title. If a back-up PG is all we're going to need I'm not too worried.
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