Friday, November 28, 2008

The Daily Spike...Romo the Homo Edition

Ah, Thanksgiving. I hope everybody ate a lot and had some mud butt afterwards. Anyways, thoughts on yesterday, anybody?
I don't know about anyone else but I thought yesterday was one of the WORST days of Thanksgiving sports that I've seen in a while.

1p: Titans @ Lions...okay I know. A few days ago I posted that the Lions, due to tradition, should stay on Thanksgiving but after what I saw yesterday...simply NO!
The Lions look anemic in every phase of the game. They can't catch the ball, they have a nice RB but can't run the ball, both their offensive and defensive lines are embarassing, and Daunte Culpepper is trying to remember when he was on the front of Madden.
Lendale White is fat, no PHAT, and he ran all over Detroit. Honestly, the NFL makes it a point to put the best match ups on national TV, hence the flex schedule. Why not flex schedule Thanksgiving? By week 5 or 6 we'll know who is going to be solid and whose not. By week 5 we knew Seattle and Detroit were embarassing teams.

4p: Things get better as the Cowgirls take on the always tough Holmgrens. Again, why this game? I think Seattle's season can be summed up with one man (who is on my fantasy team)...Julius Jones. Jones was extremely pumped to face his former team, which threw him to the curb side. Here's his line from yesterday's game...11 carries, 37 yards...0 catches for 0 yards...2 fumbles lost...give thanks to my God for that game from Julius Jones. I'm sure the Cowboys are pissed they missed out on Jones.
On a side note, Marion "The Barbarian" hurt his foot in the 3rd quarter of yesterday's game. Him being hurt would make me the happiest boy in Louisville.

7:15p: I'll leave this game up to Trevor Kelsey to break down. I will say this...Arizona cannot and will not win a playoff game away from home. They cannot play on the road and will never beat a good team on east coast, it's embarassing. They should stay home in their dome and let the big boys play football. With Arizona you have a below average special teams, maybe average defense, junk running game, and an ancient quarterback throwing to two stud receivers. 

Stephon Marbury is going to be suspended for 1 game and then sent home or traded by the end of the weekend. 
My analysis: In breaking news Stephon Marbury receives another chinese head tattoo and then shoots 20% with his new team, who will either be the Warriors or Clippers...who else takes a chance on this chump.

Hey, it's Black Friday, I'm going to grab some deals.

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