Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Daily Spike

Does anyone know the "It's Always Sunny" episode where the real life mafia guys walk up on Mac and Dennis but they can't comprehend because they've been drinking too much...well, here we are.

I'm sitting here in Nashville on my way to Memphis to visit parents. It's embarassing to think my parents live in Memphis and even more embarassing that I'm going there...BUT I may be back in Nashville for the WKU game at the GAY. I'm not sure yet but we'll the way, Wayne Gretzky's son is gross...too much acne to even leave the house...proactive soluation, even poor people like me can afford buddy...and your dad is Wayne "f**cking" Gretzky.

So here's your Daily Spike, as if you missed it!

1. George Plaster (radio personality) among others think Lane Kiffin is the next Tennessee coach. Apparently UT was going to offer Butch Davis the job AGAIN on Sunday evening but that they bypassed that and offered Kiffin and apparently he's accepting. Reports are that he's contacting staff members already...this could be the return or hopefully demise of UT football.
**Here's what I want to Louisville fans want KY or UT to win that game on Saturday? I mean I know we hate UK but UT is maybe the number 1 evil empire...probably because their football fans are extremely abnoxious ...extremely!

2. Please quickly check THIS out. Why or may I ask why does FSU keep getting in trouble like this? If you get the meanest most inner city thug, which apparently FSU gets, why do you not win more? And how do Florida and South Florida seemingly have fewer issues?

3. The Detroit Lions. I've heard for the past few days how the Lions should be moved off Thanksgiving. Let me add that I agree they are a disgrace and an embarassing franchise BUT c'mon. It is a Thanksgiving tradition! Plus, last season does anyone remember what the Lions' record was at Thanksgiving...pretty sure it was 6-4 last season...we didn't hear anything then!
So, what's your favorite Thanksgiving moment? Here's mine....besides Leon Lett of course....Pepper Johnson of the Browns stopping Emmitt Smith short of the goal line on the last play of the game!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I'll check in tomorrow with picks of the games...Lions/Titans, Cards/Eagles, Cowgirls/ many great games...ah, the sarcasm.

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