Tuesday, November 25, 2008

David Oku Opens Recruitment Back Up

David Oku is a bad, bad man (5'10-185-4.49 40). He hails from Midwest City, Oklahoma and is currently ranked as Rivals #1 all-purpose back in the 2009 class. Just this past week Oku rushed for198 yards (184 in the first half) and 3 TDs in a Carl Albert High School victory. The Cards were in his short final list along with Florida State, Michigan, Nebraska, Clemson and the school he eventually picked, the then Philip Fullmer led Tennessee Vols. Needless to say, Oku has re-opened his recruitment by saying:

“I don’t think Tennessee will get the right coach for me, I’m going to send tape out to 15 different schools that don’t run spread. I’m just not really buying into Tennessee’s coaching search."

I know what you're thinking: "Hey, we don't run the spread, Why not us?" I asked myself the same thing after reading that but then the inevitable kicker came:

"I’m looking at (coaches’) job security for my next school

Damn. I don't know if we fit that criteria unless the only people Oku gets his Louisville info from are Tom Jurich and Krag. At least we got him to come visit and check out our new facilities all while watching the Cards crush some opponent, right? Not exactly. Oku's visit occurred the very first week of the season, a humid late summer day. The Cards blundered their way to a 27-2 loss to their blue-blooded arch rival, looking completely embarrassing in the process.

This is the type of guy we need to get to somehow salvage what Coach, John L. and Petrino built this program into. An exciting product that was respected nationally and successful. I understand we have Victor Anderson and Bilal Powell, but Oku is the type of guy that will open up the door to many other top-notch players in his class and others. He is from the area that was "allegedly" Krag's recruiting base and could re-open the pipelines to Krag's old stomping grounds and quite possibly save his job. Landing a top recruit like this would somewhat re-energize a fan base that both Krag and Jurich have completely lost. Think of him as Peanut Whitehead, a 5-star recruit that brings national attention and makes a suspect class that much better.

Where you at Krag?!? You have the week off so take some of that million dollar salary (theft) we pay for, take English with you and throw the kitchen sink at this kid. You do understand that we have 20 seniors leaving and only 7 recruits coming in right? David Oku should be the Cards #1 option right now. If we mange to get him, the dominoes should start falling and maybe the Cards could redeem a regretful recruiting class.

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