Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Daily Spike

Damn, just when "Crash" was the newest member of this illustrius blog community, one douche bag comes in and swipes that title away...well, enter before mentioned douche bag. My name is Andy Sweeney and at one time was a radio kingpin....licking hoodrats' faces and partying with Kirk Herbstreit. Recently, well, I've been sitting in my half rent apartment watching sports and I hope to share some views with you each day. This may not solely circle around Cards news, but I'll definitely throw some in.

Oh yeah, I figured I had to come up with a name and "The Daily Spike" is what came first (that's what she said).

1. I'm watching IU last night in the Maui Invitational against Notre Dame. Here are some things that come to mind...

- IU has ZERO defense. Cigarette smoking is more of a defense against lung cancer than IU's defense is against stopping the basketball. Fast break, half court, it doesn't matter. This team has ZERO speed and had ZERO chance against Notre Dame...and Note Dame plays lots of white dudes! They honestly let Notre Dame in their back door all day...literally and figurtively.
- Anyone remember that Office episode where Michael and the office workers played Darrell and his boys in basketball? Come on I know you remember...now, that's how IU shoots the ball. KOBE!

- Lastly, honestly IU, you know you're a bad team once you consistently play TWO 5'10 white guys with face masks! Hopefully, there will be no RIP impersonators on this team.
2. Monday Night Football is completley embarassing. It all st arts with coverage beginning at 2pm. Who, in their right mind, wants to hear "Teams at 20" updates for 6 hours about the Saints and the Packers. I don't even watch it when my team is on MNF and we're the best team in the NFL (NYG bitches!). Anyway, here's what I noticed about MNF...

- Berman's hair is becoming more and more colonial. Rewind your DVR tonight and watching when he looks at the rest of the guys on set. The back of his hair sticks out...very George Washington-ish...very colonial.

- LOVE keyshawn, Cris "All he does is catch touchdowns" Carter, and Tom Jackson.

- Reggie Bush. What can you say? The man doesn't play and still gets more pub that anyone else on Monday Night Countdown. A female asked me if I wanted to be Reggie Bush...let's think a minute, HELL YES! Let me list the attributes of Reggie Bush: millionaire, ten homes, went to USC, won the Heisman Trophy, get paid and laid in college by USC CHICKS!, plays in the NFL, got his parents a free house, and oh yeah is BANGING Kim Kardashian...Playboy and that a$$. So, yes, I would like to be Reggie Bush.

- Maybe I'm way off here but I think Aaron Rodgers is B.J. Novak (Ryan Howard off the Office) and Steve Young with the wavy hair and the plastic face is starting to look like Robin Williams.

- Kornheiser's hair...c'mon man.

3. Good post from Rob Jones about Oku. I saw that last night and it got me thinking. Oku says he doesn't have faith in the Tennessee coaching search. I would love to ask Mr. Oku this...so you were sold on Phillip Fulmer. So let me get this straight. You would rather hang with Fat Boy who right now is cradling such great backs as Hardesty (511 yds) and Foster (267).

Now for Louisville Fans. No way should you even consider starting to think about you picking him up. There's no shot. There's more of a shot of the Philadelphia Eagles making the playoffs than Louisville getting a back of this caliber...at least right now.

4. Louisville plays Western KY in a match up in Nashville. I may be going to this game, may not, we'll see. WKU, to say the least, is down from last year and UL should have no problem BUT here are some things to look for on Saturday...

- Does Louisville have 8 players who can shoot the 3 ball or vice versa? What do I mean you may ask? Thanks for asking. Two games in the books this year and the Cards are struggling to shoot over 30 percent. This is obviously unfavorable giving that Pitino's system and the tempo of the Cards leads them to take lots of 3 pointers. Here's what championship teams do...they play consistent! The days of Louisville shooting under 30 percent MUST stop. When they penetrate and kick they are deadly. If they're hitting those 3 pointers that T Will, Sosa, and McGee create then they're a Final 4 team.

- Samuels rebounding. I'm grateful for this big guy coming to town. Not only am I grateful but I'm grateful the fans have been grateful. BUT what we do with every team is nit pick, and here's mine...Samuels' rebounding. SS (Ari Wolf don't even try and steal that) is averaging just 5 boards in the first two games. The competition will only get faster, tougher, and more experienced while the games get bigger and bigger. Samuels needs to do a better job of sealing his man off and going up strong with both hands. Until then Louisville will rely on their big guards to clean the glass.

THINGS TO WATCH TONIGHT: ESPN and ESPN 2 basketball all night 7p - 12a.

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