Monday, February 22, 2010

8 Hoya Paranoia Thoughts

8 thoughts going into the second-to-last game ever at Freedom Hall (I'm not listening to you NIT guys)....

- I think it's absolutely marvelous that the last two teams to visit Freedom Hall are traditional powers like Georgetown & Syracuse. The closing of such a legendary place might have lost a little luster if the Cards welcomed Stan Heath & Bobby Gonzalez instead of JT3 & Jim Boeheim. The atmosohere should be iincredibly electric for both - giving the Cards even more of a home-court advantage than they already have. By the way, anybody have an extra ticket to either? I'll buy the pork burgers & crack beers all night.

- People are asking why Ron Mercer is always at games, sitting between the end of the bench and the man, myth and legend Kenny Klein. I have heard that Mercer wants to get into coaching, but needs to get a degree first before anyone considers him for a job. Like Walter McCarty, Mercer's NBA experience can do nothing but help in both Xs & Os and recruiting. It's all speculation, but I'm sure he's waiting for a spot to open up on the Cards' staff. Do we really want another UK retread on our bench? I'd rather have Andre McGee or Ellis Myles holding a clipboard.

- These are also the final 2 home games for Edgar Sosa. I know he's not the only senior, but he is the most polarizing. He's been dribbling the ball too much, taking bad shots, and playing poor defense. However, his play is essential to any success the Cards are going to have moving forward. Sos' is the type of player the needs appreciation and recognition as was evident when he claimed he wasn't getting enough attention for his play early in the year. If you're in front of your TV, cuss him all you want. But I wouldn't chastise Sosa at the Hall - a consequence could be poor play. I use the Steve Kragthorpe gauge when it comes to booing - only boo if they ruin your program and set it back 5 years. Sosa hasn't done that at all.

- The Bracket Matrix is a great barometer for all the different Bracketology's from around the information superhighway. The site averages about 50 different projections and makes one monster sheet. Currently Louisville sits at an average of a #9 seed. & some nerd named Schmolik put the Cards as a #7 seed (highest of any bracket). 4 sites (one being SportsIllustrated) projected a #12 seed (lowest). Six big East teams made the cut with UCONN, Cincy, and Seton Hall being a part of the last 8 out. For the record, G'Town is currently the highest #3 seed and Syracuse a #1 (3rd overall)

- From what I've watched of the Hoyas this year, they have 3 guys that can beat you. Austin Freeman is a husky shooter who rarely makes a mistake. Seems like an extension of JT3 almost. PG Chris Wright is pretty spuratic with the ball at times, but shows flashes of brilliance others. G'Town plays a Princeton-style offense full of backdoor cuts, relying a lot on the point making the right pass at the right time. If Wright is struggling with the ball, look for Freeman to take control of the ball-handling duties. The third amigo is a guy Louisville was strong after coming out of high school, Greg Monroe. The 6-10 forward started off the season strong, struggled during the middle, and now if back to his early season form. He will give the Cards' defense the most problems because of his size and quickness. Monroe is too big for Swop, too fast for Mardo, & too active for TJ. Now that I say that, he will put up an 0-fer...

- I was never a fan of the senior John Thompson who coached Georgetown during their glory years of Patrick Ewing and Allen Iverson. He always seemed too pissed off all the time and a reverse racist for never having any white-boys on his team. It seemed to a youngster that he was doing it on purpose. However, I'm having trouble not like his son, JT3. Great coach, great recruiter, well-spoken. Still no white-boys though. I don't get it - other than the far-less-athletic part.

- T-Will has to have more SportsCenter top 10's per minutes played than anyone not named Jason McElwain. Another night, another rim-rattling dunk for the NJ Nets rookie. How this guy didn't get into the dunk contest over someone like Gerald Wallace is absolutely baffling to me. i need to get the Sports Guy on this.

- A week after Pitino said that he was shutting George Goode for the season, the allegedly-injured forward played the last 30 seconds of the first half against DePaul Saturday. Further proof that you can't trust 90% of the stuff Pitino says in press conferences. I don't think the guy likes Rally's as much as he say he does either.

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