Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Ugly Ex Back On The Market

Looks like the ugly ex-girlfriend that Louisville fans as a whole aretrying to forget about is back in the news. You know the one youstarted dating after that spectatular woman dumped you for a plasticsurgeon/trust-fund baby (aka the NFL)? The one that was a little belowyour standards but still attractive because you thought it was safefor a broken hearted individual such as yourself at the time? Yea...That one.

The ugly ex who you dropped like a sack of potatoes after realizingwhat a collosal mistake was made even starting such a fling might havefound some new work. Soon after departure, you were told about howmany options were on the table (aka multiple BCS offensive coordinatoropportunities) that somehow vanished or ended up not existing in thefirst place. Hell, even heard a story that the ex attempted torekindle an old flame with a former lover - let's call it Tulsa - butwith less quality time and attention (aka money & title). Well I guessboth options fell through. This time the ex is back in the news as apossible candidate for the Texas A&M QB coaching job.

According to CollegeFootballTalk and Tom Deinhart of Rivals, the ugly ex has or is slated to interview with A&M headman Mike Sherman todirect the signal callers in College Station.

Two reasons come to mind on why this might be an actual suitor for"the one that Tom wanted to get away" and not bogus like the otherrumors. One, as we all know from his constant barrage of namedropping in pressers, the ex worked at A&M under RC Slocum a few jobsback. You would have though Slocum was Bear Bryant or even DickJauron. It was almost like when a girl constantly talks about herprevious realtionships, simply annoying. It reminded me of thered-head in American Pie whenever he brought up A&M...

"One time at A&M, RC Slocum let me watch film with him and we stayedout past MIDNIGHT!!!"

Completely ridiculous. A&M needs to make the hire just to pay him backfor all the free advertising he gave the school the last 3 years.Second, A&M throws the ball about 10% of the time - or something likethat. I think the ex can handle teaching the QB/RB exchange and notmuch else for 3 hours a day. Although I wouldn't really give him a lotmore responsibility than that. You don't want to move that fast afterbeing in the business end of a traumatic dumping. Ask Tom Jurich.

If this scenario comes to fruition, both parties will finally be movedon in different directions. One with a new-found hope and the otherwith a sense of desperation. Even though it doesn't happen everytime,Tom Jurich came out on top in this break-up.

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