Thursday, September 11, 2008

Letter to the Editor

I received this email from a loyal L Yes! Report reader and thought that it was put together well and deserved some space on the site. I know the aforementioned writer did not get mentioned on this blog, but he did appear on the SportsNight radio show on 93.9 the Ticket and say as much. If anyone else wants some cyber-ink, check out the comments section in each post. Here's the first ever L Yes! Letter to the Editor:

Someone explain to me what criteria Gregg Doyel used to formulate his conclusion that Louisville is the worst program in the BCS. Since joining a BCS conference in 2005, the Cards are 28-11 overall and 14-7 in conference play. Against non-Big East BCS opponents they're 8-4. Not to mention 2006 Orange Bowl champs. How many other BCS football programs can boast those numbers?
Perhaps Doyel was using the same criteria as in 2007 when he called the East Regional's "most likely upset" Stanford over Louisville. ("That's no upset," he added at the time – Cards won by 20.) Maybe Doyel wasn't using criteria at all but just the same judgment he used when he called two-time All Big East center and 67% field goal shooter David Padgett a "headcase" in his blog. (Padgett's superb basketball IQ and perseverance after several injuries landed him a spot with the Miami Heat.) Or maybe Doyel was just popping off some arbitrary, off-the-top remark, like when he wrote that Pervis Ellison's Most Outstanding Player of the 1986 Final Four award came only "because of one game." ("Never Nervous" Pervis averaged 18 points, 12 rebounds in the Final Four as a freshman to lead the Cards to their second National Championship.)
Perhaps his lack of data and objectivity is why Doyel's "Media Approval Rating" on is a George Bush-esque 28%, but as a CBS sports writer with a national audience, Doyle seems a little low on criteria and a little much on unfounded chatter.

Tony Colyer
Loyal L Yes! Report Reader

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