Monday, September 8, 2008

Louisville, the worst program in the BCS?

Since 2000, not including this young season, Louisville's football program has produced a combined record of 74-26. Zero losing seasons and 7 out 8 bowl appearances. The Cards are as likely as anyone to win the Big East (yes, a weak conference) this season. So how could one national columnist really think that Louisville is the worst D-I BCS Conference program in the country. It was brought up on Sports Night (93.9 FM The Ticket) this evening, that the Cards were the worst program in DI among all BCS Conferences. The comments were back tracked by not including "Academic" schools, like Duke but that is just plain stupid, Duke has no problem exceeding in Basketball and other sports as an "Academic" school. So you really think Louisville's program is worst off then such BCS programs like....

Iowa State -
The Cyclones are 46-52 since 2000, going 3-9 last season. They have had only 3 winning seasons in the last 8 years. Yea, they are better.

Do I really need to argue this one? 3-9 last year, 26-66 over the last 8 years and haven't been to a bowl game since 1994. But hey, in 2005, the Bears did go 5-6, that's the closest to a non losing season they have had.

The Commodores haven't gone bowling since 1983!! Need I really say anymore?

The Purple Tide ( Wildcats really) have had two winning seasons since 2000, with a great 44-52 combined record and have been to just 6 bowls in school history.

32-61 record, with last season being their first winning record since 1993 , yea they are better.

North Carolina-
They are 37-58 and went 4-8 last year. Two bowl games this decade.

10 freaking wins over 8 years!!! Do you hate a team so much that you would really say they are worst off then Duke?

33-59, with 6-6 being their proudest year, Louisville went 6-6 and are considered the worst program.

Their are some other schools I could argue and win but these are just the most obvious. Smart people can look dumb when they act like plain haters.

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