Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pitino Evaluates Squad on Website

I know this is a couple days old, but if you haven't seen it, here's an update from Rick Pitino's official website - RickPitino.com. If you haven't ever seen the site, it is very cutting edge and has the Pitino touch on it. I'd expect nothing less from the Cardinal Don. Nothing in here about instituting a "short-short" rule like they must've had in his UMASS days. Here's what he had to say....


T-Will- Always in great shape. Showing great leadership. He should have a special senior season.

Andre McGee- He has worked on his body and is now down to 6% body fat. Lighting quick and also showing a special desire to lead.

Will Scott- Our Rhode Scholar candidate spent time in China this summer. He is learning to speak that language and had a unique experience overseas. Will needs to develop more arc on his jump shot and improve his ball handling skills. Tireless worker.


Jerry Smith- Ready and poised for a strong season. Needs to drop 6-8 pounds. That will be easy after our first week of practice. Starting to show signs of leadership qualities.

Edgar Sosa- The sophomore jinx is over. Poised for a special season. He has matured into a team first player. Like everything I see.

Earl Clark- Rounding into shape. Needs a few more weeks to get ready.

Reggie Delk- Improved his strength. Shot is a little flat. Needs to work hard on his defense and passing skills. Wonderful person with a great attitude.


Preston Knowles-No jinx with this young man. Tough and hard working. Fun to coach


Samardo Samuels- Love him. Enough said!

Jared Swopshire- Skilled offensive player. Must get stronger and put on about 15 pounds. Hard worker with a tremendous attitude to learn.

Terrence Jennings- Terrific athlete. Must learn to relax and slow down offensively. We will spend a lot of time on his footwork and low post game. Has the potential to develop into an outstanding player but it will take time.

Kyle Kuric-Reminds me of Jeff Shepherd who I coached at Kentucky. Good rebounder from the guard position.. Must work on his ball handling and defense. Like his potential.

George Goode- Has struggled from a conditioning standpoint. But he missed an entire year and will need time to get back into shape. Must push himself harder to maximize his abilities.

Team Strengths at this Point:

*Attitude: Team has experience and strong leadership.

*Depth: Backcourt deep and talented.

*Quickness: We are athletic and physically strong at the 1,2, and 3 positions.


*Extremely difficult schedule.

*Young but talented at the Five spot.

*Free throw shooting- We must excel in this area because of our abilities to get fouled.

I will update you on our progress in the next couple of weeks. .

3 things stick out to me

1- "I love this guy, enough said!!" about Samardo Samuels? Seems to me like there is too much to say that would fit in a couple sentences without making the other players feel slighted. This guy is DeJuan Blair with work ethic and more polished post moves. I predict that he will be All Big East as a freshman. Can't wait to see him in action at the scrimmage, which should be coming up sometime in October.
2- No Sophomore jinx for Preston Knowles. He has erased all doubt that people had about him coming out of high school. It's great to see a kid actually "get it" and not go down the path we have seen too many players travel. Hopefully he's been working on his court leadership so we can get the inpenatrable defensive tandem of him and Jerry Smith in the game at the same time
3- No mention of D.C - guess they are at odds again. Maybe that blog report that said he had asked for his release and was headed to Hattesburg to play for Southern Miss is the final chapter. The DC saga continues until anything is made official and with the way it has been handled so far, we might not know anything until practice on October 15th.

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