Friday, September 26, 2008

Live From Papa John's...

All the greats do it, so I figured I would. It's your first ever L Yes! Report live blog..

At the end of the first quarter the Cards trail 3-0, but are currently moving the ball pretty well. Ted Washington is getting his jersey retired tonight and the D responded by sacking Huskies QB Tyler Lorenzen twice in the series following the field goal. Got here late after the 93.9 Penn Station/NeutralZone Tailgate Partym More updates later..

Huskies RB Donald Brown is running wild on the Cards, running for 2 gains of 20 plus yards on a TD drive that put the Huskies ahead 10-0. Louisville then stormed back with a Victor Anderson heavy drive that ended with a short TD run. Adrian Grady made a huge third down stop on Donald Brown, who had 124 yards in the half (his 5th straight half with at least 100 yards) to give the Cards the ball back. Victor Anderson lit up the next drive by running hard and showing off his nifty set of moves. Andrson caught a pass and juked 3 guys to get into the endzone with only 6 seconds remaining in the half. Our halftime score is 14-10 Cards. The two RBs are putting on a show.

The story before the game was UCONNs running game against the vaunted Cardinal D. However, it is Louisville's running attack that is the difference in the game so far. Bilal Powell and Anderson marched the Cards down the field and Bilal got in the endzone to put the Cards up 21-10. Stud UCONN) Donald Brown then fumbled a botched exchange to give the Cards the ball at the UCONN 31. The Cards were unable to convert an attempted run on 4th and 6 (what?) After QB Hunter Cantwell went down with an apparent leg injury. More to come on the status of our noodling QB.

Both teams QBs are currently playing backups and UCONNs, sophomore Zach Frazier, just threw his first career TD on a error in coverage by either LB Jon Dempsey or Woodny Turrene. The Cards need another score to get some breathing room back.

Word around the press room is that UCONN QB Tyler Lorenzen has a broken foot, nothing official on either him or Cantwell, who is riding the stationary bike on the sidelines. Tyler Wolfe moved the chains once in his first drive but stalled when he was hit while throwing on third down.

Official word is that Cantwell sprained his left ankle and is probable to return. The Cards are doing a great job containing Donald Brown in the second half. Let's hope it stays that way.

Cantwell returns to the game limping as the Cards were pinned within their own 5. Bilal Powell answered with the longest run of his career, a 52 yard scamper. Chichester drops a pass right in his hands on third down and the Cards are forced to punt, up 21-17.

UCONN is driving down 4 on the UL 19.) Donald Brown just went down with an injury but returned to the game after missing one play, catching a pass for 6 yards. First and goal from the UL 7. Cards hold them to a field goal, 21-20 Cards with 5:32. That capped on a 16 play drive taking almost 6 minutes off the clock. UCONN has 2 timeouts left.

Cantwell just threw a pick 6 into triple coverage when he had a wide open reciever down the left side of the field. Knew it was coming sometime. UCONN misses 2 point try. UCONN up 26-21.

Two big catches by Chichester and a solid run by Vic put us inside the 30. Illegal formation penalty puts Cards at 3rd and 7. Krags wants to talk things over.

Chichester drops a huge third down and Cantwell then decides to throw into triple coverage again on 4th. Play is broken up. Turnover on downs. UCONN ball. Not looking too good for the Cards. Just used their last TO with 1:12 left, third and 16.

The Cards get the stop and will have about 30 seconds to make a miracle happen with Doug Beaumont back to return the punt. No return. UL ball at the 27 with 21 seconds to go. The game ends on a Cantwell pick, fittingly and UL has lost their first conference game. More after the press conference.

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