Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wood & Bussey Injury Update

Guard George Bussey will and team captain center Eric Wood is likely to play against Kansas State at Papa John's on Wednesday.

The heart and soul of the team, Wood, suffered a sprained PCL and MRIs revealed no damaged to his injured knee. His status is currently day-to-day and will probably be a game time decision on Wednesday. At the time of the injury, sources say it seemed a lot worse, but thankfully the tests came up negative. Due to the magnitude of the Kansas State game, I expect Wood to gut it out and play. Him at even 50% is better than anything else Krag's could throw at them. Let's just hope further injury doesn't occur. Our running game would be extremely hampered if Wood were forced to sit due to injury. The team's trainers are likely to err on the side of caution when it comes to their prized center.

Bussey suffered a sprained ankle in Saturday's game as well and was held out of game action due to the fact that we were winning the game by a good enough margin where coaches could afford to sit him. His injury is not as severe as his teammates, but caused enough of a problem that the best idea was to sit. There is no question, Bussey will play on Wednesday.

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