Saturday, September 6, 2008

Louisville Stomps Tennessee Tech 51-10

Although it doesn't make up for their poor showing last week in the Governor's Cup, the Cards bounced back to beat an outplayed and overmatched group from Tennessee Tech, 51-10. Ron English has brought back the Red Rage defense that has been missing from Papa John's for a year. Jeff Brohm's offense seemed to have better timing and more chemistry and played well behind the running of redshirt frosh and St. Xavier alumni Victor Anderson, who rushed for 9.5 yards a carry (12 for 114 and 1 TD).

The defense and special teams scored touchdowns as the Cards poured it on the Golden Eagles over the first three quarters before bringing in the 2nd and 3rd teams for the entire 4th quarter. Adrian Grady took an attempted "hook-and-lateral" gone bad 19 yards to the house. It was a very bizarre play where Tennessee Tech coach Watson Brown tried to pull a fast one on the Cards and get back into the game. It backfired. I don't think with Mr. English at the helm that type of stuff is going to happen. He brings that Petrino fear that almost scares players into doing their jobs. Earl Heyman added a sack and Richard Raglin made a few HUGE hits that will have some Tech players feeling woozy when they wake up tomorrow.

I know it has been against a UK offense that is sub-par and a FBS school, but not enough can be said for the transformation this defense has made under English, Delgado and co. The way things are going in the Big East, a good defense (even with the way our offense is playing) could put us in contention for the title. Remember, if the fans stay involved, we play arguably our 2 toughest conference games at home (West VA and S. FLA). The odds are against us, yet it seems very possible based on the competition.

The offense took advantage of a team that couldn't match up physically or athletically. However, both of our all-conference lineman went down with injuries. C Eric Wood with a sprained knee and OT George Bussey with an ankle issue. I'm stating the obvious when I say would devastating blow to an already crippled Cardinal offense if either of these hogs were to miss any significant amount of time. Wood holds everyone accountable for assignments and Bussey protects Cantwell's blind side. The Cardinal quarterback took a couple of big shots after Bussey left with injury. We can't afford to lose either. I'll make a post whenever their status is updated.

Cantwell's accuracy and decision making remained suspect, being masked by the lack of talent in the Tech defensive backfield. He throws bullets however, getting himself out of trouble with his arm-strength. He thinks he can make every throw, even with the smallest of windows. That is something a QB must think, but the coaches must correct. An overall improvement for our noodling, frog-giggin' QB.

The explosion put forth by both Douglas Beaumont and Victor Anderson can not be overlooked. The Louisville natives bring a swagger that this offense would be lacking without them. Beaumont added 5 catches for 83 yards highlighted by a great grab across the middle for 30+ yards with a defender draped over his back. Anderson played outstanding for only his 2nd ever collegiate game as he ran the ball 5 consecutive times to cap off a scoring drive late in the second quarter. I'm not sure if Vic is durable enough to take the whole load of carries, but he adds that elusiveness that left with George Stripling.

Good to get back on the winning side of things. On to K-State next Wednesday.

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