Saturday, March 28, 2009

Final Four Is Almost Here

I am so pumped up and ready for Louisville's game on Sunday but at least there are two good games to hold me over today, I hope. I watched Missouri's beat down at the hands of Kansas and even though it hurt to do, I watched UCONN's win over Louisville. I also watched about half of Villanova and Pittsburghs first and only match up this season. 'Nova won that game 67-57 on January 28th. I'll tell you what though, these games have a big act to follow. This DII game between Findlay (Its in Ohio) and Cal Poly Pomona is still going in overtime tied at 51 as I type. While they are at a timeout in the game I will tell the millions and millions of L-Yes Report readers my thoughts on today's games...

- After watching Missouri a couple of times more now and reminding myself how UCONN handled Louisville's pressure defense, I am thinking this (like the rest of UCONNs games) will end with the Huskies moving on. I like this Missouri team and I am a fan of their talented Senior DeMarre Carroll but this UCONN team is on a mission and is just plain to good for the Tigers. On top of that I am starting to think more and more that this will be Jim Calhoun's last season. His team has definitely looked focused on what their goal is and that may be sending him out with a championship. I can't say they will do that and I can't so that Jim Calhoun will retire after the season but I will say that regardless the Huskies will be in the Final Four after today.

- Just on a side note, in that great and exiting DII game. Findlay went up 2 and then Cal Poly tied it up wit 11 seconds, only to force two misses by....what the hell is Findlay's mascot? Oh well, long story short a Senior from Circleville, Ohio (I know this cause the announcers screamed it over and over but don't know his name) would nailed a fade away three pointer at the buzzer (looked a lot like Ty Rogers for WKU last season) to give Findlay the championship.....Tyler Evans is his name. For those who really cared.

- I can not wait to watch the match up between Pittsburgh and Villanova. I think this game will be a slug out fight between two very good teams. Yes I know Pittsburgh has looked less then impressive in their three wins but I still think they have the most talented starting line up in the country. Villanova on the other hand has looked as good as UCONN and Louisville (most impressive teams) since the 10 minute mark in the first round against American, when they were down 14 to end up winning by 13.

- The match ups are off the charts here in this game though. Dante Cunningham ('Nova) and Sam Young (Pitt) is the match up I am excited about watching but then again a Levance Fields and Scottie Reynolds match up will be something to watch. This is a tough game for me to pick. On the one hand I love the Panthers Senior leadership and clutch play of Fields and Young. That along with stingy defense and ah some monster of a human being known as DeJuan Blair in the middle but Villanova has Senior leadership as well in Cunningham and Dwayne Anderson. Reynolds and Reggie Redding (led 'Nova with 18 in win over Pitt this year) are Juniors, while the Corey boys ( not Haim and Feldman though) Fisher and Stokes are Sophomores. Wow this is tough. I think I'm going with Villanova in this one. I think their depth and hot play will be enough to knock off Pittsburgh. Regardless who win this one though. This is going to be a battle.

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