Friday, March 27, 2009

Statement Made

Louisville handed Arizona such a severe beating that even Ike Turner thought the Cards should have let up. While Louisville continued the Big East's statement of dominance, Syracuse became the product of Oklahoma's statement game. With 2 more games still to be played tonight, I am looking forward to watching Kansas and Michigan State play. Here our just some notes from the Cards pimping of Arizona....

- First things first, when Jerry "raindrops" Smith shoots the ball well the Cards are most likely going to be embarrassing someone. Smith put up 13 in the first half, looked fluid with his deep shot and even did what I beg of him all the time to do, take it to the rim. He did that and he did it with authority.

- Samuels is getting better and better and while the Cards are benefiting from that now. Every game he plays, he is raising his NBA stock. That is to be worried about later on though and for now he is a true beast. He still needs to stop bringing the ball down in the paint, while he has been able to overcome that with his strong hands for now, little things like that can come back to haunt you.

- Speaking of beasts, one has been released from his cage and that is Earl Clark. He was a vacuum on the boards and only forced two of his twelve shots. He moved through the Wildcats zone with no pressure at all, roaming to baseline for lay ups from the great penetration by his teammates or collecting the garbage boards for easy put backs.

- Terrence was his usual consistent and dominate self. Slicing the Wildcats up with 6 assists and 7 rebounds (one of which was a top10 play nominee), while scoring 14 points with basic ease.

- Sosa is as cocky as they come but you know what that's fine when you play as good as he did against Arizona. I do wish he would have looked for a trailer a couple of times on the fast break but he finished them all himself, so it's hard to criticize him. Especially when he did such a great job in the half court creating and dishing through the game.

- Terrence Jennings and the rest of Louisville's deep bench really made Nic Wise and the rest of the Wildcats team a living hell. Knowles as well as Sosa were all over Arizona's guards in the press and half court. Louisville's bench not only sustains the tempo and lead for the Cards, they raise the level of play and bring to the game a Hulk Hogan like burst of energy with the swagger of Ric Flair. Jennings is an animal. He comes in the game like a caged beast, just looking for someone to reject on defense and then dunk on their head.

- My favorite moment of the game was the ally-oop from Will Scott to Swopshire. Louisville is full of great athletes, high flyers, and spot on passers but no team screws up the ally-oop worse then the Cards. Don't believe me, go back and watch the film. This team has guys who have teabagged more people then woman named on Wilt Chamberlain sex list but from some reason we look like the Washington Generals when we attempt ally-oops. That being said watching it done successfully between the most unlikely duo (Scott & Swopshire) was the money shot of the game for me.

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