Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meet The Spartans

I have to start this breakdown of the Spartans by saying I really haven't watched Michigan State play much this season. No disrespect the the Big Ten's finest but I have an easier time staying awake watching James Lipton interview Janeane Garofalo about her up coming Lifetime movie "Girl's Best Friend", then I would watching an entire Big Ten game.

I have though spent the last few hours watching highlights, reading scouting reports, and combing over their roster from top to bottom to learn everything there is to know about the Spartans of Michigan State and trying to find this woman's name and number cause she has a cool attitude toward things. I couldn't find out her identity but here are some of my thoughts about the Cards next victim.....uh uh I mean opponent....

- Kalin Lucas is the heart and soul of this team. He is an explosive at times Sophomore guard, who is put up 14.7 points a game this season to lead the Spartans. He had 18 in their win over Kansas, including a big three point play to give the Michigan State the lead. Lucas can be a threat from deep, shooting 38% on the season but has only taken 21 attempts (hit 10 of them) from deep in the last 8 games. In fact he hasn't hit more then 1 three in a game since 3/13 (4 games), when he went 2-4 against Minnesota. Kalin is a talented Sophomore but he isn't ready for this Louisville defense. He has a Allen Iverson mind set to scoring though. Meaning 20 points is usually the result of a minimum 20 shot attempts. While he is leading and averaging 4.5 assists a game, he is turning it over 2 times a game. Over the last two games though he has been excellent controlling the ball. Collecting 14 assists to just 3 turnovers.

- If Lucas is the heart and soul, then Raymor Morgan is their legs. He is a stereo type swing man athlete. The Spartans have struggled on the offense at times this year but their ups and downs basically coincide with Morgans ups and downs. Michigan State is 13-1 this season when the 6'7 Junior scores in double figures. Their only loss coming to North Carolina (He had 21 in that loss). Raymor torched Oklahoma State for 29 earlier and 16 in their first round blowout of Robert Morris. He has been off the last two games though, scoring a combined 7 points in rounds two and three, including shooting 1-10 from the field in that span. When he gets to the free throw line is when he helps the Spartans the most but is he does disappearing acts, this team will struggle to beat anyone.

- So Lucas is heart and soul, Morgan is the legs, then that would leave the arms to be the 6'10 445 pound creature they call Goran Suton. If Morgan is a stereo type swing man, then Suton is a stereo type Big Ten goofy white guy center. Yes in the long but lustrous line of goofy white centers from the Big Ten that included MSU owns Paul Davis, Purdue's Brian Cardinal and Brad Miller, Minnesota's Joel Przybilla, and my personal favorite Indiana's Uwe Blab. I know there are many more to be named but I had to start some where. Now back to the current guy. For real though, Suton has been a force in the paint for Tom Izzo, putting up 20 points (keeping them in the game) and 9 rebounds against Kansas. He has had 10 or more rebounds in 6 out of his last 10 games, grabbing 17 against Robert Morris. Goron the Great has collected 10 offensive rebounds through the three games in this tournament. Louisville has to keep him off the glass or MSU could win this game.

-Well I guess I pretty much covered the entire anatomy of the Spartans here, oh wait, I almost forgot the head and brains. Who else could that be but Tom "UK job is a joke to me" Izzo. Do the Cards have better guards the MSU? Yes. Doth Cards have a better big men the MSU? Yes. Are the Cards deeper then MSU? Yep. Hell, are the Cards more talented and better overall then MSU? Your damn skippy. Problem though is that Michigan State does have talent, even if it's not as much as the Cards and no one this side of Rick Pitino gets more out of his kids then maybe Tom Izzo. His teams will always make you play the style they want (my grandmother can run the mile faster then this team can score 70 points in a game) and will do everything in their power to beat you on the loose balls and rebounds. Tempo and rebounding are two huge keys in this game. Tempo most of all. Louisville must do to Michigan State that they did to Arizona. Go at the Spartans guards like Peter McNeeley and harass them like a wife finding another girls panties in your car.

Louisville plays the speed they want and keep Michigan State to one shot and done possessions, I am not going to lie and sound to over confident but the Cards will cruise if they do those things and will win by at least 12 points or more. Can they do those thing? I can't answer that yes as quick as I did before but I think they can.
My prediction....

Louisville 79

Michigan State 68

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