Monday, March 16, 2009

Vegas Talk

Louisville is a 6-5 favorite to win the Midwest Regional and advance to Detroit. Michigan State is 5-2, while the Kansas Jayhawks are going off at 4-1 to win the Region.

With regard to the NCAA Championship, the Cards are 9-2. UNC is the favorite at 2-1, Pitt is 4-1, and UConn is at 5-1. After that, both Duke and Memphis are 10-1, and Michigan State is at 25-1. Kansas, the No. 3 seed in Louisville’s bracket, is at 30-1 while Wake Forest, the No. 4 seed, is at 40-1.

Louisville’s two potential first round opponents, Morehead State and Alabama State, are 10,000-1 to cut down the nets in April. They're what one might call "longshots."

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