Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The party starts tonight.

No, not the party where you drink green beer until you puke at your local Irish pub all the while wearing your only green shirt and green Mardi Gras beads. (OK, well that party starts tonight, too. But I’m settling for one or two Guiness brews and calling it an early night. But if I don't, please don't tell my mom.)

Anyway, the party I’m talking about is the Greatest Show on Earth, and I ain’t talking Ringling. Tonight the Alabama State Hornets take on the Morehead State Eagles for the annual NCAA Tournament play-in game in Dayton, Ohio.

The winner’s prize is a date with your No. 1 overall Louisville Cardinals on Friday night at 7:10 pm EST. If you’re really, really interested in the game, nobody breaks it down quite like deadspin.

While neither team really presents any match-up problems for the Cards, I’m rooting for the Eagles. This year we have the luxury of cheering for all teams from the KY, as that one school down I-64 is on the outside looking in. The kay-uts' little tourney starts later, I think.

So, allow me to be the first to declare my desire for more hea – , er, a Morehead State victory tonight. The teams tip-off at 7:30 pm EST. The Eagles are 2.5 point favorites.

Take it easy on the green beer.

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