Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Banged-Up Cards Head to South Bend

The Cards are on their way to South Bend as we speak. The fact that the Irish have been struggling a bit lately does nothing at all to ease my concerns about playing at the Joyce Center tomorrow night. And the fact that two starters will be playing less than 100% doesn't do anything to alleviate those concerns either.

Notre Dame's 45-game home win streak was snapped back on January 24 by UConn, part of an on-going 7-game skid for the Irish, set off by their loss to the Cards in Freedom Hall. And yes, the Cards and ND have been going in opposite directions ever since. But it's never good to see a team backed into a corner, especially one that plays as well as these guys have played consistently at home for the past three years.

And as Rob told you earlier, Terrence Williams and Samardo Samuels are battling some injury woes. T Will went 0-7 with a hurt wrist Sunday at St. John's. Samardo had a tooth knocked out and another severely loosened. And, although Samardo was expected to miss practice the whole week, he did in fact do some individual instruction today. According to Pitino: "He's a tough kid."

Let's hope we stay tough enough tomorrow night to keep the ball rolling in the right direction up in South Bend against a team on the ropes and looking for revenge.

P.S. This picture will never, ever, get old.

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