Wednesday, February 4, 2009

National Signing Day Notes

Here's a quick run-down of some National Signing Day highlights:

As predicted, Boogie McCray signed with the Cards today. The 2 star RB, who rushed for more than 1,5000 yards this past season, joins his high school teammate, 3 star LB Mike Privott, who committed to the Cards back in May.

Kragthorpe also landed 6-7, 340 pound OT Joe Evinger. Evinger is a four-star juco who chose Louisville over IU and uk.

The L Yes! Report is awaiting word on other recruits and will keep you posted before the ink even dries.

UPDATE: If only they ranked recruiting classes on the basis of name-coolness. We'd be up there for sure. Some of our signees: Zed Evans, Champ Lee, Boogie McCray, Preston Pace, Titus Teague, Malcolm Tatum...Top 10, maybe? And no doubt Jeff Saturday would have been the first six-star recruit in collegiate football history.

UPDATE #2: It's being reported that the Cards will not be signing juco prospect DE DeQuin Evans and that Evans will land instead instead with uk. Sources close to both schools have reported that Evans' first choice was Louisville, then Kentucky, a la Rajon Rondo. For some reason or another, the administrative powers that be at U of L would not accept Evans' transfer to Louisville so as to have him enrolled within the next two weeks, so he opted for uk (a la Rondo.) While it pains me to see a young man be forced to live with his second choice, perhaps he'll find success once he realizes that he made a mistake and moves on to greener pastures. (A la Rajon Rondo.)

Stay tuned for more updates.

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