Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cup O' Jones : R.I.P Brohm Edition

A Sunday 1:30 away basketball game seemed like a great occasion to get most of the L Yes! Report crew together for a couple burgers and a few cordials. Hence the lack of updates on Monday. My post probably would have looked like straight jibberish. However, Monday was a huge day for all the wrong reasons yet again for the Louisville football team.

- I told you here a few weeks back what the university announced yesterday. I hope it didn't come as new news to anyone who reads daily that Jeff Brohm has been forced out by Krag and has decided to take the QB coach job at Florida Atlantic. This is an embarrassing scar on a program that just seems to not get anything right. The Brohm family has done so much for the program and Krag somehow doesn't comprehend that. Now that the announcement has been made officially, multiple sources tell me Brohm didn't even call the plays after the UK game where the Cards failed to score an offensive point. The same sources can verify that the flight home from Rutgers was near mutiny as the players had to be calmed down by the flight attendants. Doesn't really sound like a program in good hands, does it?

- Tom Jurich is being extremely hard-headed and stubborn right now and it is making me slowly forget about all the good things he has done for the school. The football program should be thriving in a conference that has BCS ties and fair competition. Instead, he has divided the fan-base by mocking us to ESPN writers about a coach that he hand-picked to continue on the road Schnellnberger, Smith and Petrino laid. He is manipulating through the media the idea that Krag was dealt a bad hand (5 NFL Draft picks, Heisman candidate at QB, top 5 all-time WR) and the fans shouldn't set the bar too high (9 straight bowls). It's time to admit your mistake Mr. Jurich. I can't speak for everybody, but I can see right through the political BS. Don't insult the intelligence of Cardinal fans by saying we don't know what's going on and shouldn't expect "an Orange Bowl every week". Jurich must really think we're stupid. There is no way to sugar-coat what's going on here.

- Florida had the Spread offense, Florida St. had the Fast Break, Penn St. runs the HD offense. What do you think the nickname of an offense with Krag calling the plays would be called? The Milk Toast? Vanilla? 8-yard route on 3rd and 12? I guess the only good thing about this whole situation is that the fate of this team and his career is on head coach Steve Kragthorpe. I hope he proves me wrong like Edgar Sosa did or how Jerry Smith is TC, but there were times last year where I wanted to commit crimes after seeing the play-calling. Turns out Krag was the one calling them and Brohm was up in the booth wondering what he ever did to deserve this. That would be like your boss taking over your workload, telling you to still come in anyway, and when he screws up the paperwork, you get fired for it and are forced to take a huge pay-cut and move your family to another job. Oh, and your dad and brothers also worked for the company and you were once considered a great ambassador for the company and......I think you get the point.

- It's going to be hard, but this isn't a situation where fans should give up on the team and almost hope for losses so a change can be made. You never know what can happen these days and I'll be damned if Krag is going to make me lose touch with my Cardinal football. Don't sell your season tickets. Just be thankful you're still not freezing on the bleachers at Old Cardinal and get out to the Pizza Palace. A hit in football profits will have a trickle-down effect and hurt other more enjoyable sports. I'll be at every game as should you even if I'm laughing at them like the Bengals. Plus, maybe if you stick around Jurich might let you upgrade when he redeems himself and hires Jon Gruden in less than a year.

Starting 5
1. Peter Gammons - ESPN - A-Rod admits, regrets use of PED's (I know you're probably already sick of hearing about it, but there are 103 more names out there that are going to come out sooner or later)
2. Jody Demling - Courier-Journal - Privott was a big catch (I like this guy's attitude. He says he has started his whole life and isn't planning on breaking that streak at Louisville. Hopefully he walks the walk too.)
3. CoEd Magazine Online -Letterman Reveals Bar Refaeli is 2009 SI Swimsuit Issue Cover Model (Maybe not safe for work. Leo DiCaprio, who has been know to wear Louisville hats when sitting court-side at Lakers games, is seeing her right now. Doesn't seem very fair to me)
4. Awful Announcing - Another Golf Channel Analyst in Hot Water (He said, " I just saw a guy with a t-shirt that said 'I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for eating a brownie'"....uhhh I don't get it.)
5. J.E. Skeets - Ball Don't Lie - 2-on-2 All-Star tourney (NBA jam like gimmick by the guys at BDL. I would put E5 & T-Will against a few NBA teams)

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