Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cup O' Jones : Go PITT (?) Edition

Short and sweet today. More on Earl Clark's play later...

- PITT handed UCONN their 2nd loss in BIG EAST play last night in a great game to watch if you are a college basketball fan. Both teams played great in a typical slobber-knocker between conference powerehouses. DeJuan Blair basically treated UCONN's Hasheem Thabeet like dirt the whole game - going around him instead of through him. More or less, he did what Samardo would have done to the UCONN big guy. 22 points and 23 rebounds added to Benjamin Button's (Sam Young) 23 points led to yet another #1 falling. This puts the Cards in a 4-way-tie in the loss column for the conference lead. As long as they can hold their ground, the Cards will earn a coveted "double-bye" in the BIG EAST tournament a most likely secure a at least a #4 seed in the dance.

- Terrence Williams' injury is the biggest concern for the Cards right now as they face some stiffer competition in Providence on Wednesday. The Friars are viewed as in the NCAA's right now, but they would like to remove all doubt with a win against a top team like the Cards. Williams leadership and guidance will be needed against a hungry team like that. However, if the bruised wrist is something that needs time to heal before his return Pitino's best bet might be to sit his star. All indications from team doctors say that the wrist needs to stay loose and warm to prevent stiffness and tendinitis. Even if he gives us what he did against DePaul, I think the Cards can pull off a victory. Also, it could be a blessing in disguise to get some of the other players (a la Knowles) involved more offensively.

Starting 5

1. Sports By Brooks - ESPNer Turned Down Gillespie's Amarous Advance (This night desreve it's own post - I called that the first time I saw it. Edward and Gillespie looked too awkward for there not to be something behind it. BILLLLYYY CLYYYYYYDE)
2. Michael Lewis - The New York Times - The No-Stats All-Star (Michael Lewis is famous for writing the baseball book Moneyball about the stats A's GM Billy Beane used to form his team. Here's his NBA version of it. Shane Battier - greatest player alive??)
3. Dennis Dodd - CBSSports.com - Twelve-year-old QB's ascent toward NCAA already under way (If Billy G wasn't so busy losing games, telling Jodie Meeks just to shoot every time down, and making passes at sideline reporters he might have enough time to go out and get this kid..oh yea it's football)
4. AZfamily.com - Suns player suspended, clocked at 90 mph with toddler in car (Read it. Bottom line is J-RICH is a J-OKE. What an idiot)

5. Mondesi's House -
Mike Tomlin's college career (This one is for TC and all you Steeler fans out there who are lucky you have such a good young coach who looked to be quite the ball-player back in college at William & Mary)

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