Wednesday, February 18, 2009

UNC Favorite to Win NC

Visiting Vegas during March Madness is something I’ve not yet had the pleasure to do, but it’s on the Bucket List. (So is a Super Bowl, the Masters, and a Nile River safari.) Anyway, here’s what the oddsmakers are saying about who’s favorite to cut down the nets in Detroit - as of February 18. If you're interested.

UNC: 5-2
UConn: 7-1
Pittsburgh: 7-1
Oklahoma: 7-1
Louisville: 16-1
Wake Forest: 20-1
Duke: 20-1
UCLA: 20-1
Memphis: 25-1
Villanova: 30-1
Marquette: 35-1
Kentucky: 50-1
West Virginia: 55-1
Syracuse: 65-1
Cincinnati: 150-1
Virginia Military Institute: 1,500-1

If any of you suckaz from Kentucky Sports Radio want any action, I’ll give you that 50-1 all day.

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