Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's Go...Marquette?

That’s right folks. The LYes! Report will be halfheartedly and dispassionately cheering for Marquette to topple the Connecticut Huskies when the two Big East powerhouses meet in Milwaukee tonight at 7:00 on ESPN.

My utmost disdain for all things UConn is not the sole reason for this seemingly misplaced enthusiasm for the Golden Eagles.

With Providence’s upset of No. 1 Pittsburgh (12-3 in conference play) last night, Louisville and UConn (both at 13-2) sit alone tied for the lead for the Big East. With a Marquette win over UConn, Marquette (12-3) would ascend to that spot, sharing the conference lead with the Cards.

This means that Louisville would “control its own destiny” (in quotes because I hate that kind of language, like “thinking outside the box”) by beating Marquette on Sunday and winning out for the regular season.

There are of course other scenarios by which Louisville could take the Big East regular season crown. Marquette’s remaining games besides UConn tonight and Sunday at the Hall include a trip to Pittsburgh and Syracuse (20-8, 8-7) at home. And UConn must also travel up to Pitt for a rematch. (Or, in UConn’s case, I guess they’d be traveling “down” to Pitt. But you get my drift.)

But a Marquette win tonight is the most immediate of situations that would allow a Louisville Big East Regular Season Title to materialize. And, not that any further motivation is necessary, it could make Sunday's game even more exciting. So, if you can stomach it, go…uh…Marquette.

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