Thursday, February 12, 2009

Final Thoughts on Irish

Spread is up to 4 now (or 3.5, depending where you check), from 3 earlier in the week. Seems a little low still. Low enough to make me nervous.

Terrence Williams needs 14 points to reach 1,400 in his career and 2 dimes to become 6th on U of L’s all-time assist list. Here’s to hoping he reaches both of those milestones tonight, and then some.

Last time we saw the Irish, Luke Harangody got 28 points, 13 rebounds, and a facial served up on him by Earl Clark. There’s absolutely no reason to believe he won’t get his tonight. To counter that, we need to heat up the pressure again and force point man Tory Jackson into another 7 turnovers like the last outing. Mike Brey generally only rotates 6 – we should be able to capitalize on our depth.

Back in January the Irish lit us up for 45% from beyond the arc. With Harangody in the middle, it’s tough to expect Earl and T Will to jump out to defend the 3-ball. So we’ll need better perimeter D from Jerry Smith and Preston Knowles. If they’re on, I’m fine with it, so long as it’s challenged shots they’re throwing up.

Need a spark off the bench. The first time against ND it was Andre McGee with 10 points in 26 minutes. Last Sunday at St. John’s it was Jerry with 21. Who’s it gonna be tonight? My money’s on Terrence Jennings. You're up, TJ.

Let’s put ‘em away in regulation this time, shall we? All this drama is bad for the heart.

Go Cards.

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