Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Football Recruit Watch

No, it's not something I do on a regular.

But I'm bored, no men's basketball game til Sunday (but the No. 5 ranked women take the floor at home tonight against Syracuse, tickets are $2 if you wear pink, you should definitely get up and go), and I still got a sour taste in my mouth from last night's debacle.

So let's talk football.

In case you didn't know, or care, "National Signing Day" is tomorrow. (The real journalists use the caps so I am too I guess. Not sure that the day is a proper noun, or has the significance of say Veterans' or even Flag Day, but I'll roll with it because the pros are.)

And poised to announce his decision is Rivals' No. 15 ranked juco prospect DeQuin Evans. Evans is a 4-star DE out of Los Angeles Harbor C.C. Why does this interest me? Because Evans' decision is between us and some other school down I-64, whose faithful are reporting that Evans will come to U of L if he is able to enroll this semester. (At least that's what they're doing while praying not to drop their 3rd straight tonight against one of the 12 unranked teams in the Soft, er, South Eastern Conference.)

And this blogger does not like losing anything to that other school down I-64.

So yeah, DeQuin, come to Louisville.

Another party of interest is Virginia RB Antonio McCray. He's interesting because he hasn't made his decision public yet, although Louisville hosted his only official collegiate visit. He's also interesting because his nickname is "Boogie," and the L Yes! Report is particularly fond of it. (I don't think it's in reference to the Patrick Patterson variety of boogie, however.)

Anyway, stay tuned to the L Yes! Report for your up to the minute National Signing Day coverage.

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