Monday, December 8, 2008

Cards Blown Out...Lamar Cards that is

A lot of unnecessary Card-on-Card crime committed tonight as the Louisville Cards beat the Lamar Cards 78-56 to win the Marques Maybin Classic. Things weren't as easy as they were the first two nights and TC will come with a more in-depth breakdown of the game in the morning. However, two things need to be said tonight - Lamar coach Steve Roccaforte is a complete nut-case, getting a technical and a sideline warning tonight after he was given a technical for yelling at his own players against the Kayuts last Wednesday. He looks like a cross between Meatloaf and Dwight Schrute with a little Tom Crean sprinkled on top and was truly entertaining to watch tonight.

Second, I was really digging the play of Lamar Mighty-Mouse guard Kenny Dawkins, who only scored 14 and tired out at the end, but looked great in the first half. Dawkins came into the game averaging 16 points, pretty good for a 5'9 155lb guy. He was penetrating the Louisville D pretty well early and showed off some great range. I will look forward to seeing how Dawkins plays against in-conference competition as he was picked as a preseason All-Southland conference selection.

When the game is so one-sided, I have to look for the little things - like Dawkins and Coach Roccaforte's temper. I don't think it's going to get much closer with Austin Peay coming to town on Saturday.

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