Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Daily Spike...Elisha Cuthbert Edition

Give me 5 minute, maybe even four. Yeah, Elisha Cuthbert is number 1 on my list, always has been. Big ups to Sean Avery...that's all I'm saying about that. But the NHL has lost control. Not only is the sport dead, but now it's suspending players...the only players worth watching.
Sean Avery is the renegade of the NHL. He has been asking for this for some time...but I mean, come on, if you're going down at least go down for making a "video" with Elisha Cuthbert...give us something.

Check out this video...

Oh yeah, just in case anyone forgot. Louisville football is still playing. I'm not sure if "playing" is the right word. They're suffering through the rest of the season. For a team that was once 5-2 and should've been 6-1 this is where we're at. Finishing off another season with the Scarlet Knights who are a 10 point favorite at home. Let me reiterate that this is the same team that lost to Fresno State at home by 17, lost by 32 at home to North Carolina, lost to Navy at home by 2, and just like us got beat by WV and Cincy.
So yeah, we're top 10 point dogs to them. And you know what's even better...a win that takes us to 6-6 probably WILL NOT be enough to get into a bowl game but we'll have to wait and see.

Enjoy the sloppy seconds of college football...aka the Big East.

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