Monday, December 8, 2008

Matt Simms Contemplating Transfer

It has been rampant on the message boards for the last few days, so I looked into it a bit. My sources close to the Louisville football program say redshirt freshman QB Matt Simms is "shopping himself around" to various schools to see what sticks. He is NOT transferring yet, but a decision could be eminent."It's all up in the air right now" a source told us here at the L Yes! Simms is just testing the waters and has not asked the university for a scholarship release.

In my mind, this stems from one of two things or even a combination of both. First Krag said at his final presser of the year that the QB job is "open" for competition next year mentioning Tyler Wolfe, Zack Stout and Simms. Maybe Simms thought the job was his to lose. Also, with Emmanuel Yeager coming in as a mobile option, Krag might be debating over a scheme change to a mobile QB (ah, don't get me started) and Simms definitely doesn't fit that bill.

Simms first committed to Bobby Petrino, decommitted whn he left, and then recommitted after a visit with Krag. I'm sure that he, like the rest of us,was fooled into thinking Krag wouldn't be much of a drop-off. Boy, were we wrong. Obviously, Simms comes from a good QB lineage with his father winning two Super Bowls with the Giants and his brother starting all 4 years at national power Texas. The scouts seemed to think that the younger wasn't as good as the previous Simms, but had the potential to make some noise as a starter if given the right opportunity. However, even with Cantwell's struggles this year, Simms was only given a shot in one game (PITT). This couldn't have set well with him.

Simms' career at Louisville has been somewhat tumultuous. He was suspended for 4 games earlier in the season for the dread "undisclosed violation of team rules" aka "if you're going to roll a doobie and want to play college football, make sure there aren't any cameras around". He has a nice arm, but a strange low delivery that I'm surprised hasn't been altered with all the attention I'm sure he received as a prep. I would think that he would be #1 going into the spring and that Krag is just posturing to get maximum effort in the offseason from guys like Stout, Wolfe and NC State transfer Justin Burke (my wildcard/sleeper/dark-horse). This decision by Krag, like most he's made, could backfire.

We'll see how this transpires over the next few weeks. For right now it looks like Simms is shopping around for the right suitor. Possibly a D-II school so he doesn't lose a year or a place where the offense isn't so boring and stagnant. Keep checking in for updates.

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  1. Just watch, over the next few weeks you will see a LOT of transfers. Just a heads up...