Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tipoff with Rebels Coming Soon

Sitting here on press row of US Bank Arena in Cincinnati watching the Bearcats and Mississippi St. Bulldogs battle it out. Cincy built a big lead early only to see it cut to 7 presently. MSU went a long time without even making a basket in the first half and the Bearcats caught fire from beyond the arch. We're at the 8 minute timeout. The Fighting Cardinals face the Fighting Cabbies..I mean Rebels about 30 minutes after the conclusion of this game.

A few celebrity sightings so far. Of course Kenny Klein is always good to see, but the real doozies are basketball legends, hall of famers, Gods Oscar Robertson and Bob Knight. The General is calling the game for ESPN. I'd go introduce myself but he'd probably make me pee me pants. The Big O is watching his beloved Bearcats as he does very often. Looks like an approachable guy, but you never know. I'd almost guarantee they don't know or care about a small-time blogger like myself.

Not as much of a buzz surrounding the Kennedy situation. However, I did see the ESPN sideline reporter (who's name escapes me) talking to an Ole Miss official about the details of the investigation. I just can't believe the guy is coaching tonight. Oh well.

The Cards just walked into a chorus of cheers from the 1500 or so Card fans in attendance. The Cards look to break a streak of regular season neutral court losses in just a matter of time.

More on the game at it's conclusion.

Go Cards

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