Monday, December 29, 2008

Plus/Minus for UAB Win

Here are your plus/minus ratings for the UAB game. Again, it is calculated by the margin of points the team loses or gains while a particular player is in the game. For example, T-Will started the game with the score 0-0, he left the game with the count 24-17. That's +7 for ol' T-Will. It is a very good judgement as to how one played and used by many coaches across the country as a tool. There are a few huge numbers in this one. Minutes played is in parentheses.

Jerry Smith (26) EVEN
Preston Knowles (20) +18
Jared Swopshire (14) +11
Terrence Williams (37) +23
Samardo Samuels (36) +25

Earl Clark (26) +9
Andre McGee (28) +24
Edgar Sosa (6) -6
Reggie Delk (2) -5
George Goode (4) -7
Kyle Kuric (1) +2

- Very impressed with Samardo playing 36 minutes. That is a testament to his conditioning and improvement on Pitino's concerns - passing and rebounding. He improved on his rating against Minnesota (-10) by 33 points.
- Andre "Buckets" McGee proved that his performance against Minnesopta was an aboration due to the travel and improved his turnout by 38 points. i think playing off the ball a little helped, but it could just be a case of his shot finally falling. Great recovery and improvement by Buckets.
- T-Will and Mardo left the game for the first time at the 8:30 mark in the first half with a 24-17 lead. They quickly re-entered the game around the 6:30 mark with only a 24-22 lead. they then finished off the half by building the lead to 9 (+7). That was the only run greater than 3 points that the Blazers went on.
- Edgar Sosa, George Goode and Reggie Delk were subbed in at that 8:30 mark and taken out 2 minutes later with a -5. They tied for the single worse stretch for any player in that timeframe.
- T-Will played the best individual segment in an amazing 19 1/2 straight minutes from the start of the second half to :30 seconds left. The Cards were a +9 during that time and Williams had 11 points 6 boards and 3 assists including 3 trifectas.
- According to this scale the best possible line-up would have been - McGee/Knowles/Williams/Mardo/Swopshire. They averaged a +20.2. The game starters averaged a +15.4. E5 was only 2 behind Swop, so they could be interchangeable.
- No Card that played more than 6 minutes had a segment worse than a -2. Jerry Smith recorded that in the first half when the lead was cut from 5 to 3 in an 8-minute span.

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