Monday, December 8, 2008

The Daily Spike..David Akers and Bodie Edition

Yeah, those UL kickers making it big!
It was a tough weekend for me...yes, I know Louisville dominated the likes of Indiana State and Ohio but my GMen get physically dominated at home to the Eagles...a tough one to take no doubt.

So, what does anyone think of UL on this Monday? Honestly, right now we're in what you call a HOLDING PATTERN. We tripped up against WKU and have rebounded nicely by showing the ability to penetrate, shoot, and dominate on the boards and in the assist game. With Lamar tonight (who the hell is Lamar and whose Odom did they suck to get into the prestigious Marques Mayin Classic?!) Louisville will be back in better graces with their coach just in time to see Ole Miss and Minnesota around the bend.

What we need to see tonight?

1. Defensive intensity - especially when playing much inferior opponents it will be important for UL to control the tempo early and kill any hope of an upset. The main diferrence (besides the obvious ones) between UK and UL this season may be the ability to get a lead and keep your finger on the defensive trigger. It's also the difference between a good team and a bad one.
2. High % Shooting - this is a basketball basic but when this team can hit spot up 3's and then can hit the 3 where they are moving to the side, then they're unstoppable. I want to see Sosa, McGee, TWill, Clark, and Knowles keep that swagger they currently have.

3. Injuries - Screw everything else. Louisville MUST continue to keep their main attractions on the floor and healthy. With a nice 6 game stretch of Austin Peay, Ole Miss, Minnesota, UAB, UNLV, and UK it will be vital for UL to stay healthy, continue improving, and most importantly get these youngsters all the time needed to continue maturing.

Oh yeah, while you're at it, meet Lamar...and THANK YOU Jack McClinton!
Have fun watching the Cards.

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